Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Bill

I am pleased to introduce Bill from Pagan Cellar Jewelry as this weeks featured artist
In addition to a peak into his world of vintage and art, Bill is offering YOU a chance to win this beautiful pair of Purple and Black Tri-dangle earrings
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Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist

I am an avid vintage jewelry collector as well as maker. I do bead and metal work. I am also a fine art photographer. my passion is finding rare vintage gems for both my personal collection and for my store. I like to make unique earrings mostly for all occasions

Is there a story behind your work?

I got started collecting vintage jewelry and items when my grandmother gave me one of her Cameo brooches. these are still by far my favorite items to collect. I also collect vintage cameras

What advice would you give other artists in your field?

other collector/sellers should just always be on the hunt, ether an estate sale, or a antique mall and sometimes even a garage sale!!

What inspires your work?

bright colors, earrings my mom ad grandma wore, and the mood I am in at the time

Are you currently working on any exciting project?

I am working on learning to make rosaries.

If you have a 'day job' in addition to your art, how do you manage?

My day job I am also my own boss so makes things work better around whatever schedule I want. I do my photography during the day/weekends and spend what time I have working on my etsy store

Do you take custom orders?

yes for earrings I do, there is a button on my shop to inquire about custom orders

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet: Stacey

I am pleased to introduce Stacey from The Art of Stacey as my very first featured artist on my giveaway blog

In addition to offering YOU a beautiful print from her shop, Stacey has also given us a sneak peak into her life as an artist

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Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist:

I am a freelance artist and a stay at home mom. This means I have to find a balance between my creative projects and my 4 kids. I am inspired by many things and love trying new techniques

Is there a story behind your work?

Each piece has some kind of story behind it. A broad story behind my work would be hard to really pin down. I try to keep my work fairly neutral in emotions, leaving it up to the viewer to decide how to feel. That may change in future pieces, I really just kind of go with what I am inspired to do

What inspires your work?

dreams and beauty. I still believe in magic and love showing my imagination. I will often use music to help me feel the right feelings for a piece. I will often pick a song and play it over and over till a piece is done

How do you overcome ‘artists block’?

I will take a break and do something I enjoy that is not work related. Then I will look through my collection of reference pictures and see if anything comes to mind for a painting.

What advice would you give other artists in your field?

Don't be afraid to try. Follow your heart but listen to constructive critique. Sometimes you have to tweak your vision to fit the tastes of your customers, if you want to sell anything at least.

Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

Digital art is a very unappreciated medium but in reality it takes just as much skill if not more, as "real" or traditional media. Just because there is not a true original, does not mean it is worth less. The artist worked just as hard as any other one would. Obviously you would not pay the same price as you would an original, but the prints should be just the same as any other art print.

All artwork featured here is copyright The Art of Stacey and may NOT be reproduced in any way without written permission from the artist

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Monday, February 27, 2012

About This Blog: The Introductory Post

Welcome to MagicByLeah Presents: Artists and Giveaways

Have you ever stopped to admire a piece of artwork and wonder about the artist?
Who is the person who dreamed up this masterpiece?
What was the inspiration or motivation?

This blog will answer that and so much more

Every week I will feature another artist and their work, and to make it more exciting, each feature will be accompanied by a free gift from the featured artist
This may include a special item, custom item, or gift certificate to their shop

Kickstarting this blog by a Giveaway to MY OWN shop, MagicByLeah on Artfire

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How To Get Featured Here

- Fill out the questions listed in the Artist Question Form HERE also located on the upper navigation bar
- Agree to the terms of this blog
- Await confirmation and feature date
- Tell your friends
- Sit back and wait for the love, hearts, likes, followers...
- Send the winner their prize

Each Giveaway contest will be run using Rafflecoptor
Contestants will earn entries to your giveaway by doing things like hearing your shop, liking your facebook page, following on twitter and more

Below is a sample Rafflecoptor entry form showing a large number of entry requirements viewers may complete to enter a giveaway
I have included a large amount of entries to give future features a proper idea of how it works
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