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Required Questions:

- Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist

- Is there a story behind your work?
(for example, how did you get started, how did you discover your media of choice...)

- How do you overcome 'Artist's Block'?

- What advice would you give other artists in your field?

- Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Optional Questions

(Please answer UP TO 3 questions)

- What inspires your work?

- What makes YOU different from other artists in your field?

- Are you currently working on any exciting project?

- If you have a 'day job' in addition to your art, how do you manage?

- Do you take custom orders? What is your process?

- Where do you see your art in 10 years?

- Do you have a role model? Tell us about him or her?

Photo Requirements

Please send URL LINKS to your photos and NOT file attachments

1 - Photo link of yourself
2 - Photo link to your giveaway item
(Value of your giveaway item)
3 (optional) photo of your studio

Social Media Links

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Shops (Etsy/Artfire or other)
Anything else I missed

Terms and Agreements

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- You as the sponsor agree to play fair
- You as the sponsor agree NOT to enter your own giveaway
- You as the sponsor agree to cover shipping within the US
- You as the sponsor agree to contact the winner within 48 hours
- You as the sponsor agree to ship the winning item within 7 days

Giveaway Item Restriction and Shipping Information

Is this giveaway open outside the US and/or Canada? If so who covers additional shipping costs?
Do you have any additional terms or requirements?